Onam Bumper 2017

Onam festival has started at the various part of kerala along with the program of this year lucky draw. Yes, the Onam bumper. 2017 sale has started and this year it been so special. Onam bumper apart from previous years, this time has been unveiling the prize amount of Rs.10 crore.

Sounds awesome right. 

In the previous year, it sounds like, prize money of Onam bumper was 200/- and prize money was 5 crore. In this year, its 250INR and prize money is 10crore. 
Look at the prize deflection made by Kerala lottery for the Onam bumper 2017 is so great for the winners who are waiting for the result.

A most promising feature of this year draw is that the winner will hold individual prize money after the GST release. So, that you are free from all the tax paid citizen with this Onam lucky draw by September 2017.

Not only an Individual will award the prize money of 10 crores. More even, there were 2nd-3rd and more along with consolation prizes waiting for the each member of this BR 57 Onam Bumper 2017 lucky draw.

 Sounds like after GST effect Kerala will be releasing the first Onam bumper. However,  this will be a great relief for all those who were poor and rich out there in Kerala as well as who takes Onam bumper 2017 from the authorized agencies.

For more details Feel Free to Visit the official result site for Onam Bumper 2017. Even more, if you require any more queries related to the same, please update your question and we will clarify with you.


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